Kachema Meat is a leading meat processing and supply company based in Zambia. We maintain a robust nationwide distribution network and are involved in every aspect of meat processing. Our abattoir's process cattle, pigs, lamb, and goat. While our state of the art factory packs and processes fresh meat cuts, cooked and fresh sausages as well as quality cured meat products and chicken. Our success is driven by our people, our focus on results and our strict quality control.



Kachema offers a wide range of fresh beef, chicken, lamb, goat and pork cuts.
Kachema offers a wide range of fresh processed meats such as sausages and mince.
Kachema offers a wide range of cooked processed meats such as sausages, loaves and polonies.
Kachema offers a wide range of cured meats such as hams, smoked sausages, biltong, dry wors and chorizo.
Kachema offers fresh and frozen fish products, such as  fillets and dressed whole fish.
Kachema offers a range of Halaal certified carcasses such as beef, lamb and goat.

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Kachema is a fully licensed exporter and offers export services through our robust cold chain and Kasumbalesa outlet.
Kachema offers an instore order collection service to our retail customers.
Kachema offers a portioning and packaging service to large scale clients.
Kachema offers a delivery service to hospitality and catering clients through our robust cold chain.

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