Kachema Meat Supplies is always in need of qualified staff. We have regular job openings in our abattoirs, processing plant, office or outlets. We also accept applications from qualified drivers for our delivery trucks and senior staff. Kachema accepts applications from all levels of education and training although as a minimum we expect our applicants to have a grade nine certificate.

For our abattoirs, we have regular openings for highly motivated individuals. Tasks here include the handling and slaughter of animals and the cleaning of carcasses.

Deboning Department
The main tasks of the deboning department are to cut up carcasses in such a way to fulfil orders for our clients as well as produce sufficient material for the production process of sausages. Previous experience in the cutting of meat is an advantage when applying for this job.

Production Department
The production department produces all our processed meats. Some examples of products are bacon, hams, polonies, Hungarian sausages and boerewors. You will work in a small team with machinery and recipes to make the most delicious products.

Packing Department
Within the packing department, all products are being packed and labelled as per the specifications of the customer. A high level of personal hygiene and attention for detail is required of all our members of staff working here.

Within the company, we need several drivers for both our Lusaka deliveries as well as national long-distance routes. If you have vehicle safety record and references that can attest to your responsibility, please do apply.

Sales Department
Within the sales department, we usually have an opening for helpers in the stores. As a helper, you’ll be expected to work under the supervision of the store supervisor in handling the products and serving the customer. We look for trustworthy individuals with prior sales experience and a proven track record to cover vacancies in this department. Eventually, you may move on to supervise your own store.

For applicants straight out of school or with very little work experience, we have a three-month traineeship. During this traineeship, you will be given the possibility to see several aspects of the company, get some work experience and develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. After your traineeship, you may be offered a contract as a full-time worker with the company. Specialists, Of course, we are also always on the lookout for senior staff: supervisors, managers and accountants. For these positions please get in touch to find out more about our requirements.

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